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Causes of the Fan Not Spinning and How to Overcome It

How to fix a fan that doesn't spin is a very easy thing to understand. You don't have to call a repairman to get a repair, this one piece of equipment.

Causes of the Fan Not Spinning and How to Overcome It

In addition to saving time, repairing a fan that doesn't spin on its own can also save costs. Therefore, it is very important for us to know this information.

Come on, let's just look at the full review of 5 ways to fix a fan that doesn't spin and the following maintenance tips.

Here are the causes of the fan not turning and how to fix it

1. Remove the fan housing

The first thing you should do is turn off the fan and remove the case. The fan itself generally consists of several frames, namely a fan protector and a cover for the engine or dynamo on the back. You have to remove both parts to fix the fan.

2. Check the Dynamo Cover

After removing the fan shield and dynamo, you need to check the armature as this is where the engine and fan winder work. Do this check carefully because there are some parts such as the stator and motor axles that are easily damaged.

3. Look for Fan Bearings or Bushings

Generally, damage to the fan due to not rotating is caused by bearings or bushings that do not work optimally. These two components are located on the fan motor dynamo. Check motor armature for wear on bearings or bushings. You do this by looking with your eyes or by inserting the motor shaft into the bearing / bushing and then swinging it to the right and left. If it is loose, it means that the bearing or bushing is worn. Remove the bearing or bushing and replace it with a new one. Then put the bearing or bushing back into the motor dynamo.

4. Clean from Dust and Dirt

After repairing the dynamo motor parts, bearings and bushings, you should also clean all parts of the dynamo motor from dust and dirt. Dust and dirt stuck to the fan engine have the potential to damage the function of the fan in the short and long term. So make sure the fan is clean and tidy.

5. Reinstall the Fan

After the machine is cleaned, you will need to install the fan and the engine guard on the back so that the fan looks like new as usual. Easy, how to solve this fan that doesn't spin? Even though it is functioning normally again, there are tips on caring for the fan that are no less important for you to know.