How to take care of chickens for beginners

How to Take Care of Chickens for Beginners - There are so many useful activities that we can do when we are just at home, one of which is raising chickens. Keeping chickens at home if properly prepared can provide financial benefits. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to give this activity a try.

How to take care of chickens for beginners

Here are 6 Tips for Raising Chickens at Home for Beginners

1. Make sure you have enough cage

The most important thing before you start raising chickens is to make sure the area of ​​your yard allows. If there isn't a lot of room for the chickens to move around, it can be stressful and unhealthy. With a lack of wiggle room, chickens can tire quickly and lose their appetite.

The ideal size for making a chicken coop is 2.25-2.5 meters high and 4-8 meters wide for 8-12 chickens.

2. Position the cage near the grass

Chickens can get food if they are close to the grassy ground. Indirectly you also save the cost of chicken feed. However, you must pay attention to the cleanliness of the environment around the chicken coop. Avoid places full of garbage because chickens can eat rotten food which can cause disease.

3. Provide cage barrier

So many incidents of chickens that enter other residential areas. Make sure you make a bulkhead or bulkhead for the chicken coop. Make sure your chickens don't roam the highways. By providing a cage limit, you have avoided unwanted incidents such as chickens being run over by residents' vehicles. Make sure the chicken is safe from the threat of theft.

4. Position the chicken coop facing east

There are several positions of the chicken coop that are highly recommended. The first is to make sure the chicken coop doesn't stick to the ground. This is recommended because when it rains so that the bottom of the cage is not wet and damp. After that, the position of the cage is recommended to face east. This is to maintain the instinct of chickens that are sensitive to sunlight.

5. Give chicken supplements

To ensure that the chickens you raise remain healthy, it is important to provide chicken supplements. There are various chicken supplements in the Indonesian online market. Make sure to choose a chicken supplement that has proven quality. Avoid chicken supplements to accelerate chicken fat, because chicken gains fat faster but in terms of health it can actually be reduced.

6. Choose a good place to feed

Although only raising at home, you should give chicken feed in a special place. By using a chicken feed place, you don't have to worry about environmental cleanliness. Chicken feeders have many types and sizes depending on the needs you need. There are also many marketplaces that provide a variety of quality and cheap chicken feed places. So, the risk of raising chickens at home that can make them dirty and messy can be minimized.

Those are some tips for those of you who want to fill your spare time at home by raising chickens. Hopefully this article can provide benefits and information yes. Good luck!

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