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how to fix a seat belt retractor

how to repair a seat belt retractor, just prepare some wrenches and a screwdriver. Pry the seat belt with a screwdriver and unscrew the bolt inside.

how to fix a seat belt retractor

Next, also open the bottom bolt, open the plastic cover. The belt seal mechanism will be visible and susceptible to dirt. Remove the retaining bolts and belt mechanism from their place.

Seat belt jams can occur for many reasons. This problem is often experienced by car owners. We recommend that if you experience this, immediately to overcome it.

The seat belt is one of the components in the car. These components are specially designed to keep the user from bouncing.

So that when an accident occurs or the car stops suddenly, the driver or passenger remains safe. Seat belts are located on the front and back.

On the front can function for the driver or driver. It can also work for the passenger in front.

So it doesn't collide with the dashboard or other components. The other is so that passengers are not thrown in the event of a serious accident.

So that rear passengers do not hit the front seat and security is not always in good condition.

Often jams occur in these components. When the seat belt is jammed, of course it will be difficult to pull it out and function. This component consists of 3 parts. So it's not always normal.

In order for car safety components to function optimally, you need to carry out maintenance. That way, you can find out whether it's working properly or not.

In every car, of course, there is a safety system called a seat belt. The existence of these components has a fairly important function.

Even police regulations also recommend the use of seat belts when driving. This is intended to reduce the risk of injury when braking suddenly or during an accident.

If you do not use this safety component, it can be fatal. It can even cause you to bounce out of the car.

This component is susceptible to dirt so that it can cause jams. Therefore, you must clean it from dirt so that the seal belt does not get caught again.

how to repair a seat belt retractor in an emergency

As a four-wheeled vehicle owner, of course you have to be able to overcome various problems that occur. Likewise in an emergency

For example, the seal belt jams suddenly, making it difficult to remove. When you encounter this problem, of course you need to know how to solve it.

You can use a brush, air spray, vaseline, or oil. You can clean the teeth on this component with Vaseline or a soft brush. The last step you need to do is to cut a bit of the plastic end of the doorstop cover.

Here are some ways to repair a seat belt retractor:

1. Clean the Belt

The first thing you can do when your seat belt retractor gets stuck is clean it. You always check the condition of the belt.

Because, there are several factors that cause problematic components. One of them is because of the piles that accumulate so that the components are difficult to remove. You need to clean it with a carpet cleaner or cloth.

2. Retractor Locked

When the seat belt retractor is stuck and cannot be pulled out, it is because the retractor is locked. 

For the first step, you need to pull it until it can't come out anymore. Attach the belt to release the locked retractor.

If that doesn't work, you'll need to remove the retractor from the car. Then fix it with a screwdriver or it can't be taken to the workshop.

3.Use Cutting Tool

Seat belts are made of a special material that cannot be cut with scissors. You should have a belt-cutting seal made of a strong material.

You can also buy equipment complete with a hammer to hit the glass. So when something bad happens, you can take immediate action.

As a vehicle owner, you need to know the function and how to fix a stuck seat belt retractor. So that these components can work optimally.