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How to fix reduced engine power

How to deal with reduced engine power, there are many factors that cause the car to not perform optimally. One of them, the fuel used. But it's a good idea to have your favorite car checked regularly.

How to fix reduced engine power

When you are busy driving your favorite car, suddenly the car stops on an incline. It bothers you sometimes, doesn't it? In addition, we also do not know what causes the car to be underpowered, so forget it.

Each car engine has a variety of types and specifications. However, the engine performance will remain optimal if the car system works well. Well, therefore it is very important for you to know the cause of this underpowered car, so that the above incident can be avoided.

Some of the factors that cause the car to be less powerful

The cause of this underpowered car engine can be from fuel. Because of this fuel, engine performance can usually be launched perfectly. The better the fuel used, the better the engine performance of the car.

Well, therefore it is very important to check the engine regularly so you know when your car engine has problems.

What causes reduced engine power

1. Check and Clean the Air Filter

Although it looks trivial, the role of this air filter is very important. Given its function as an air filter from various types of dirt that may enter the car engine. Just like humans, machines also need oxygen intake in the combustion process.

Well, if the condition of the air filter is full of dirt, then the absorption of oxygen into the engine will be reduced. And in most cases, this will result in noise and noise in the car engine.

2. There is an Overheating Process on the Machine

Basically, maintaining a car engine is the most important thing. Engine with overheating process due to engine cooling of the vehicle that is not running optimally. This causes the metal components in the engine to experience excessive expansion.

This excess heat usually occurs in the piston or in the cylinder. If the piston expands, it is certain that the friction between the piston and the cylinder wall will increase. Of course you know, what will happen after this? Yes, the movement of the machine becomes heavier so that its strength becomes reduced, even weakens and disappears.

3. Ignition that is often problematic

The next cause of the car lacking power is ignition. Wet ignition will reduce vehicle power. This is because the combustion process is problematic. And the automatic engine power is reduced.

There are many factors that affect ignition performance. One of them is damage to the wires on the coil and spark plugs.

4. Dirty Spark Plug

Spark plugs, this little thing in fact has a vital function. Because the final result of combustion is also influenced by this spark plug itself. So that the cleanliness of this section must also be considered, dirty spark plugs will usually also have problems with your engine. Sparkling spark plugs will hinder the combustion process of your favorite car engine.

5. Clutch worn and tired

This clutch function is usually used on uphill roads. However, the use of a half clutch will cause friction between the plate and the clutch and pressure plate, so that it wears out quickly.

When traveling uphill, the easiest and most often we do is use the half clutch. But you need to know that the use of a semi-finished clutch causes friction between the clutch plate and the pressure plate, so it wears out faster.

You need to know, if the clutch area is worn it will spread to the transmission, because it will slip. This also applies when the road is uphill. It's a good idea to avoid using a half clutch and adjust the engine according to the road so that engine performance is not forced.

After knowing the cause of this underpowered car, you can immediately take the right and proper treatment. Although the cleanliness of this car is a trivial thing, but in fact it greatly affects the performance of your car. Well, here's how to overcome the power on a car engine that is reduced.

How to deal with reduced engine power

1. Check your car's fuel

Checking the fuel content is also very important because it affects the engine driving the car. Do not miss!

2. Clean the fuel

Make sure your machine is always in a stable condition. An overheated car engine can trigger a power drop. Don't forget to check the radiator water to keep the engine cool.

3. Check the ignition system

Make sure the ignition components such as spark plugs, coils and others. You can also try the car engine in a dark room. serves to see if anyone saw the fire (leak). If so, replace the damaged component immediately.

4. TuneUp regularly

When your car has a problem, immediately do a tuneup to a car repair shop so that it gets treatment immediately. Keep in mind, if the car continues to improve, immediately do a thorough inspection so that every component in the car can function optimally again.

Well, now you know right? What causes a car to lack power and how to fix it! Come take care of your favorite car engine so that it has excellent performance.