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crankcase breather blocked symptoms

The symptoms of a clogged engine crankcase respiratory tract in a car are the same as the human respiratory system.

crankcase breather blocked symptoms

The causes of a clogged exhaust gas system can vary, ranging from damage to the catalytic converter, clogged exhaust, to damage to walls lined with exhaust pipes.

In a car with a clogged exhaust system, the car will usually lose power, but the engine will still feel smooth.

However, what exactly are the symptoms of crankcase breathing blockage?

James D. Halderman, in his book Automotive Technology: Principles, Diagnosis, and Service, explains that when a drain is blocked, the exhaust gases coming out of the engine cannot pass through the barrier and begin to accumulate in the drain.

As a result, the gas pressure in the exhaust gas line increases, or what is often referred to as back pressure.

In a short time, the exhaust gases in the end can not leave the cylinder at all in the exhaust stroke phase.

This results in a weak vacuum pressure when the piston starts the suction stroke.