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Motorcycle insurance California calculator

Motorcycle insurance California calculator - You will be charged for motorcycle insurance in California at $200 per year or approximately $16-17 per month.

Motorcycle insurance California calculator

However, if you have a new motorcycle, the estimate could be almost $2,000 per year, or about $166+ per month.

Prices tend to be higher for sport bikes or road bikes, as these bikes show a greater correlation with accident risk.

Choosing a reputable insurance company like will save you money and provide you with excellent protection for your bike.

Why is Motorcycle Insurance Important in California? Here is a motorcycle insurance calculator in California and its benefits for you:

Motorcycle insurance in California is $200 per year or about $16-17 per month.

1. Bodily Injury to Self and Others

As every motorist knows, riding a motorbike in California is more dangerous than driving a car. Your motorcycle insurance can help cover your medical costs if you are injured, saving you from significant hospital bills.

In addition, good liability insurance will cover the injuries of others involved in the incident. This is a critical issue when it comes to pedestrians, who can easily walk in front of a motorcycle and get injured.

2. Motorcycle Repair Fee

Property damage liability will cover accident, theft and vandalism costs. It gives you peace of mind when taking or leaving your motorcycle anywhere.

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3. Collision Fee

Motorcycle insurance costs include collision coverage, meaning that if you cause an accident that damages other people's property, you are covered.

4. Comprehensive Coverage

If your bike adds up, comprehensive coverage will compensate you for the bike's value based on the depreciated blue book value.