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How to repair a broken house door

how to repair a house door - the door of the house must be maintained, even if there is small damage here and there, do not replace it immediately.

How to repair a broken house door

If you decide to build a house or buy a house, of course the presence of door components is very important for your home. Whether your door model is minimalist, wooden door, or something else, all of them require maintenance so that the door lasts a long time.

The door of the house has the main function as a way in and out of the occupants of the house. Because it has a very important role, you should not miss this one component in its maintenance so that your door can have a longer life and its function can be felt as long as possible.

For the door of the house itself, there are various kinds of disturbances that usually occur.

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Here's how to fix a broken house door

1. How to fix a house door that makes a squeaking sound

When your door makes a creaking sound when pushed, it could indicate that your door has hinges and rail lubricants that have started to dry, or may be rusted.

You only need to lubricate your door once a month on the hinges and door rails, then do a few pushes back and forth so that the lubricating oil you apply can seep in.

2. How to Fix a Sliding House Door on the Floor

Have you ever experienced this condition? The door of the house rubbing against the floor will certainly cause a lot of irritation for homeowners, especially if this problem is not addressed immediately, causing blisters on the floor or frame.

If your door is made of teak or double plywood, the friction between the door and the floor will make the wood layer peel off and become unsightly. Especially if the location is in a watery place or tends to have a high level of humidity, any pieces of wood covering the door will also be very easy to peel off.

This problem is caused by deformation of the joints, worn or loose hinges due to the heavy load of the door, or it could be due to expanding wood. The deformation that occurs at the joint is triggered by the selection of the type of wood that is too soft, weathered, and requires special handling.

If the problem is caused by the wood expanding, you can remove the door or sharpen it (cut) where it touches and rubs. However, you can avoid wood expansion by choosing wood that is completely dry.

3. How to fix a tenuous house door

The next problem that often occurs is the door of the house that starts to loosen and crack due to shrinkage.

This problem is common with panel doors, because the volume of the board is so small that it doesn't fit into the frame. This shrinkage is caused by the use of wet wood as a substitute for dry wood to make house doors.

After some time, due to the influence of the weather there will be shrinkage which causes the volume of the wood to decrease.

What you can do is remove the panels and grease the sides of the boards with glue, and patch them using the same type of wood.

If the gap is minimal, you only need to caulk it with a type similar to door finish.

The three things above are problems that often occur in your door. The selection of the type of material must be in accordance with the needs so that unwanted premature damage does not occur.