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How to overcome skid brakes on cars

How to fix slipping brakes - When we find a skid car brake makes our ears hurt. Especially when the rainy season arrives, car brakes are most susceptible to noise that disturbs the driver.

How to overcome skid brakes on cars

The brakes on a car are a very important device and have a vital role for safety and driving safety.

Many car owners do not know the cause of the sound in their car, even though skid brakes are a dangerous thing and must be repaired immediately.

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Here's how to fix skid brakes on a car:

The following factors cause brake pads to slip and make noise:

1. Dirty car brake pads

Dust and dirt can enter the brake lining. When crossing dusty and sandy roads slowly, dirt sticks to the brake pads.

Solution: remove the brake pads that make noise and clean with sandpaper.

Rub gently and not too long because it will make the canvas thinner.

2. Your car's brake pads are thin

The friction of the brake lining metal against the disc or brake disc causes a slipping sound.

This often delays the infrequent replacement of the canvas by motorists. Though the brakes are the only important component that can support driver safety.

The solution: Buy new brake pads because old brake pads don't last long. This is to avoid accidents.

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3. Contaminated Car Brake Pads

There are some drivers who believe that using oil or the like will make the brakes grip/skid. In fact, this can result in thin brake linings and dangerous for the driver.

The fix is: replace the canvas with a new one. Apart from eliminating slips

4. Your Car's Brake Pads skid

For the cause is caused by the driver who always presses the brake lever continuously. clutch lining material becomes hard so that the brakes lack grip and sound.

The fix: Replace the brake pads with new ones and watch the driver give the standard brake lever clearance of 10-20 ml.

5. Thin and Uneven Disc Brakes

Insufficient disc occurs due to worn brake pads or prolonged use. The solution: immediately replace with a new disc.