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How to Make Goldfish Pendulum Bait

In getting quite a lot of fish with satisfactory results, it is determined in a fishing spot with lots of fish, of course.

Things that can attract the attention of fish or bring fish to gather in our stalls certainly require a pendulum bait technique or often called fish bomb bait. This technique is mostly done by anglers in Galatama ponds or on a daily basis, of course, none other than to collect fish.

Now in this edition we will share information on how to make the correct and correct Goldfish Pendulum Bait so that later the fish will approach quickly, because if it is wrong, the goldfish will feel disturbed and run away.

How to Make Carp Pendulum Bait / Collector Bait

> For how to make this goldfish pendulum bait, if you use natural ingredients, you can use leaves as bait, then throw it into the fishing ground.

> As for pendulum bait/concoction bombs, you can use pellets, the method is to choose Super Aquatic Fragrant Fishy Pellets, then put them in a container then brew the super pellets with warm water, then stir gently until smooth. look loose.

> Keep in mind that the amount of water should not be too much, for fear that the bomb bait will be diluted and easily carried away by water currents. And also not too little, so just enough.

After we make the goldfish pendulum bait correctly, then we practice the correct bobbing method or bobbing technique, just look at the tips below.

The technique of swinging goldfish bait correctly and precisely

1. First when we will do the bob, pay attention to the bait throw. Throw bait/pendulum bombs into the water between 1.5 and 2 meters, as fish usually forage at that depth.

2. Pay attention to the distance of throwing pendulum bait or fish bombs into the water about 2 meters from fishing mania or 1 meter from the end of the rod.

3. Do not throw pendulum baits or bait bombs after the fish have gathered because it will scare the fish, but if the fish have not arrived, please repeat the maniacs throwing pendulum baits or bait bombs at one target point.

Thus at a glance the information that we can convey about How to Make Goldfish Pendulum Bait and the correct technique.