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How to Fishing Wader Fish in the River

This fish is mostly small in size, but when cooked it has a very savory taste even some people consider it one of the most delicious freshwater fish to eat even though it has many spines. What fish is this if you are wondering, the answer is wader fish.

This fish is more often found in rivers that are not too deep or on the edges of swamps that are quite clear, and generally have a size between the thumb and 4 fingers. Wader fish are fish from the Cyprinidae tribe and in general what we often encounter consists of several species known as ordinary waders, stingray waders (lunjar padi or the Javanese call it goyor), and two-spotted waders.

This fish usually lives in the wild because we rarely hear of anyone wanting to cultivate it, but one of the interesting things is that the wader fish is one of the favorites of anglers. The reason is, although most of them are small, they are very easy to provoke because they often live in groups and are very greedy for eating, as if they don't feel full.

Then how to fish either in the river or in the swamp? The following is a technique and a surefire way of fishing for waders in both rivers and swamps.

How to fish wader fish in the river:

Prepare a fishing rod or walesan without a float. Why without a buoy because if you use a buoy in the river, the buoy will drift easily, so it's useless when the fish eat the bait you won't be able to see it.

Use a fishing rod (spring) that can be purchased at the store or you can also use a regular rod but the ends are one inch long and flat so that they are thin and easy to bend. Additional note using a small fishing rod.

We recommend using three types of bait, namely wet bread that is given a little water, then pounded with young cassava leaves until smooth and sticky.

Another bait is wheat with a little water and salt or seasoning, after it becomes dough, fry like bakwan, but not too oily and not too cooked. The final bait is tofu.

Prepare a bunch of cassava leaves that are used to attract fish to flock to the fishing grounds.

If you are already at the fishing location, look for a place where the water is clear and somewhat deep, then put a bunch of cassava leaves into the water.

The trick is to tie the cassava leaves with a rope and attach it to a large enough stone, this is to prevent the cassava leaves from being dragged by the current.

Through the soaked cassava leaves, it is likely that the wader fish will eat them in droves.

Place your fishing line in the water, and don't let it rise to the top, or you'll sink it too deep into the riverbed. Ideally the position of the spring will be straight horizontally.

Waders are very aggressive, so wait for the fishing line to bend for about 2 seconds, then pull and catch the fish. Although wader fish are small in size, in general, anglers of this fish get more catches than fishing for other freshwater fish.