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How much is car insurance for a new driver per month

How much is car insurance for a new driver per month - The average cost of auto insurance in the US is about $137 per month or $1,652 per year and is based on rates for drivers aged 30-45, according to an analysis of 2022 auto insurance rates by Policygenius.

How much is car insurance for a new driver per month

But car insurance rates are different for each driver, which makes it difficult to predict how much you will be covered.

Your rates are personal, as they are based on things like your zip code, driving record, age, marital status, credit score, vehicle, insurance history, and how high or low you set the coverage limit.

  • The most expensive state for auto insurance is Florida, where the median annual cost of auto insurance is $2,914
  • The cheapest is North Carolina, with an average annual premium of $1.009

Small sedans were the most expensive car to insure, with an annual cost of $1,342, while small SUVs were the cheapest to insure, averaging $1,087 per year.

How much does auto insurance cost per month in each state?

Monthly auto insurance rates vary widely by state, usually determined by your age and driving history, your zip code is one of the most important factors in determining how much you will pay.

Average rates for auto insurance per month/year in each state in the US

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Here are the car insurance costs for new drivers per month/year

  1. Alabama $1,726
  2. Alaska $1,345
  3. Arizona $1,655
  4. Arkansas $1,772
  5. California $1,857
  6. Colorado $1,751
  7. Connecticut $1,790
  8. Delaware $2,110
  9. District of Colombia $1,796
  10. Florida $2,914
  11. Georgian $1,710
  12. hawaii $1,200
  13. Idaho $1,109
  14. Illinois $1,403
  15. Indiana $1,219
  16. low $1,152
  17. Kansas $1,604
  18. Kentucky $2,158
  19. Louisiana $2,906
  20. Play $1,147
  21. Maryland $1,798
  22. Massachusetts $1,614
  23. Michigan $2,377
  24. minnesota $1,418
  25. Mississippi $1,674
  26. Missouri $1,568
  27. montana $1,888
  28. Nebraska $1,735
  29. nevada $2,137
  30. New Hampshire $1,224
  31. New jersey $2,259
  32. New Mexican $1,480
  33. New York $2,172
  34. North Carolina $1.009
  35. North Dakota $1,397
  36. Ohio $1,038
  37. Oklahoma $1,928
  38. Oregon $1,461
  39. pennsylvania $1,605
  40. Rhode Island $1,860
  41. South Carolina $1,864
  42. South Dakota $1,618
  43. Tennessee $1,329
  44. Texas $1,840
  45. Utah $1,503
  46. Vermont $1,124
  47. Virginia $1,314
  48. Washington $1,651
  49. West Virginia $1,681
  50. Wisconsin $1.062
  51. Wyoming $1,398

Average fares for male and female drivers aged 30, 35 and 45 years. Rates are provided by Quadrant Information Services. The rates given are examples of fees. Your actual quote may differ.

Average car insurance rates by city

Most expensive states for auto insurance: Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, and New York are the states with the most expensive average auto insurance rates.

The most expensive states for car insurance in USA 2022 Policygenius

Just because you live in one of the most expensive parts of auto insurance doesn't mean you automatically have to pay super high rates comparing quotes from several insurance companies through Policygenius can help you choose the best coverage for your budget.

There are several reasons why location is so important when it comes to auto insurance rates if your area is densely populated, crime rates are high, or natural disasters are frequent, meaning more claims, meaning higher rates.