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8 Causes of Car Brake Sounds and How to Overcome It

Car brakes sound - Not infrequently car drivers often encounter cases of car brakes ringing while on the road. If not cared for properly, the brakes will have problems and cannot work optimally which can endanger you while driving.

8 Causes of Car Brake Sounds and How to Overcome It

To overcome the sound of car brakes when stepped on, you should also know in advance the following 8 causes so that the trip is safer and more comfortable. Let's see the review below!

The cause of the car brakes sounding when stepped on

1. Car brake pads run out

The first cause of car brakes sounding is worn brake pads. The more often you use the car, of course, the brake pads will become thinner so they wear out quickly. If you experience this, then the brake pads will run in the direction of your vehicle's brake discs, and reduce the braking force that creates noise. What should you do if your car's brake pads are about to be replaced with new ones.

2. Poor Quality Brake Pads

If the cause is the car's brake pads run out, it turns out that the use of inadequate brakes can cause a sound when the brakes are stepped on. Due to the many brands of brake linings on the market, it is not uncommon for car users to choose the origin so that the brake linings are of poor quality. Buy genuine brake pads at an authorized repair shop with good quality according to your vehicle's standards.

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3. Car Brake System Jam

In addition to worn brake linings, another cause is a stuck car brake system. Usually this is caused by a damaged brake piston and cannot move properly. In addition, later the car will feel heavy when driving even though the pedal can be released, because the piston cannot return to its original position.

4. Your Car's Brakes Are Dirty

If it beeps when stepped on, it could also be because your car brakes are dirty. The more often it is used, the greater the chance of the car brakes, especially when it rains. The reason is, wet roads make dust and dirt harden, then form a thin layer that will stick to the surface of the brake pads and discs of your vehicle which will cause the effect of the car's brakes when stepped on. always clean the car regularly, especially when it rains.

5. Uneven Disc Brake

Not only the 4 above, other car brake problems are uneven discs and drums. This is due to brake linings that have never been replaced. Not only makes a sound, later if left unchecked will make your car vibrate when braking. To end this sound, of course, you have to replace the disc and drum brakes with new ones.

6. Brakes Lack of Lubrication

A brake pedal that lacks lubrication will certainly cause the car's brakes to sound when stepped on. You should lubricate the hinges on the brakes regularly so they don't make a hissing sound while driving and you should always perform regular maintenance to avoid this.

7. Car brake fluid drops

Another problem with the sound of a car's brakes being stepped on may be dripping oil. The presence of oil droplets on the disc brakes and brake pads can make these parts slippery, causing noise when braking. To fix this, you have to double check whether there is an oil leak or not. In addition to problems when the car brakes, oil leaks can also reduce the performance of your car's engine.

8. Water splash

Although it sounds trivial, in fact getting water on the disc disc can be one of the causes of the car's brakes sounding when stepped on. But, you don't need to worry because when your vehicle is running, this sound will disappear by itself when the air attached to the brakes is dry.

Well, those are 8 causes of car brakes sounding when stepped on that you need to know so you don't make mistakes in the future. always check your car brakes so as not to damage your vehicle.

In addition, to help optimize your vehicle, you should also choose quality fuel according to the capacity of your car.