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How to clean the turtledove cage

Keeping turtledoves is not an easy matter. If you decide to keep a turtledove, then more or less of course you also have to understand how to take care of a turtledove that is good and right. Because this turtledove is different from the chirping bird, this type of bird certainly has a different treatment in caring for it.

You have to be diligent in cleaning the bird cage so you don't get stressed easily. In cleaning the bird cage, you must be observant and thorough. You can't just clean it, there are several priorities that you need to pay attention to. Because usually these bird keepers clean their cages and only clean the droppings, but that's not enough.

There are several important points that require you to be more observant in cleaning the turtle cage. Here are a few things to keep in mind when cleaning turtles.

Things that need to be cleaned from the aviary

1. Presence of Mushrooms


The existence of this fungus is often overlooked when we clean the turtle cage. That's why we put this mushroom at number one. Of course a concern for turtle keepers. Mushrooms in turtle cages can be anywhere. And if the fungus is very severe it will be able to smell and very disturbing the comfort of your turtledove. And it can even be one of the causes of stress for turtledoves.

How to Clean:

It's actually quite easy to clean these mushrooms, as long as they don't stay in the cage for too long. You can use natural ingredients to clean this fungus. Natural ingredients that can be used are candlenut. The trick is to burn the candlenut until it produces oil, when the oil comes out, use the oil to rub the moldy cage with a cloth.

2. The presence of dirt

Dirt is certainly the main thing that really needs to be cleaned. Do not leave the dirt in this cage unwashed for too long, as it will become hard and very difficult to clean with water. You can clean it with a brush and water, it's pretty easy. If it is difficult, you can also use laundry soap to clean this bird droppings.

The thing to remember is when using a hard object to clean the droppings, don't use it too hard because it can damage the turtle cage itself. After that, don't forget to dry it too.

3. Don't forget where to eat and drink

Well, this is also very important. Do not miss to clean it, because it is very influential on the health of the turtle. If the place to eat and drink is dirty, then of course it has the potential to cause disease, be it worms into worms, husky turtles and others. Because this place to eat and drink is prone to being mixed with turtledove droppings.

Well, clean the place well. Use laundry soap if necessary, and when you're done, you can also rinse with warm water to make it more sterile and healthy for the turtle. After that, dry it for a while, don't immediately fill it with turtle food.

4. Rust on the Cage

If the turtledove cage is made of iron or metal, then you need to check for rust as well. Rust in the cage is also very dangerous for turtles, therefore it is necessary to check every time so that it can be cleaned immediately if there is rust. You can use sandpaper to remove rust from the turtle cage. Or if not, you can use citric acid to remove rust from the cage. The trick is quite simple, namely sprinkle citric acid on the rusty part, then clean it.

5. The cage needs to be dried in the sun

Turtles not only need to be dried in the sun, their cages also need to be dried occasionally. If done regularly, drying the cage also needs to be done regularly. The best time in my opinion is when the turtledove is bathed. When the turtle is bathed, place the cage in a place that is exposed to the sun for a while. Very effective and can make the turtledove's cage more durable and of course the turtledove becomes comfortable.

6. Create a Cage Maintenance Schedule

Very good to do regularly, especially to clean dirt, very good to do every day. To clean the turtledove's entire cage, it's a good idea to schedule it. Is it once a month, every two months, or how good it is. Because it also includes important care to support the comfort of its occupants. Don't let it be a trivial matter then make it