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4 Ways to Clean Bird Cages Until Clean

Everyone wants to always be in a clean and healthy environment. This is indeed a human instinct who wants to have a decent place to live.

But is this instinct only possessed by humans? The answer is no. Of course, all living things want a decent place to live, from cleanliness to a decent place to live. 

Like birds, of course, if kept in cages, birds want clean and healthy cage conditions. For that, you must know how to clean birds so that they are free from odors, dirt, fungi and the condition of the birds is always well maintained in them.

So, for those of you who keep birds, make sure to clean the bird cage regularly. So that the birds feel comfortable living in it.

4 Ways to Clean the Right Birdcage

For those of you who don't know how to properly clean a bird cage, here we will describe the procedure. For that, see the complete information below.

1. Clean the Cage From Dirt

Bird droppings that have not been cleaned for a long time will dry up and become petrified. Of course, you will find it difficult to clean the dirt if you only wash it with water. You should brush off bird droppings using an old toothbrush or other small brush.

If the bird droppings have been brushed off, you can rinse with water. Even if the birdcage looks clean, you should clean it with dish soap. By using this soap, germs, bacteria, viruses and various diseases that exist in bird cage droppings can be completely removed.

Don't forget you have to clean the bird perches. Because the bird's feet usually stick to the dirt and stick to the perch. This can also cause germs and bacteria to stick together, if the tank is not cleaned, the bird's feet can also hurt.

If you want a simple way to clean the bird cage, then the bottom of the cage can be given a carpet or newspaper. So you just take out the dirty newspaper and replace it with a new one. When installing the carpet, you simply clean the carpet, so the cleaning process is more practical.

2. Eliminate Bird Cage Smell

Sometimes bird cages that have not been cleaned for a long time can leave a strong or unpleasant odor. So the solution, the bird cage must be cleaned using a natural way so that the unpleasant odor in the cage can be lost.

The way that can be used to clean bird cages is to use orange juice. Orange juice is considered very effective at eliminating germs. In addition, it can also make the bird cage free from odors and look like new.

Actually, how to apply orange juice into the cage so that the cage is odor-free is very easy. You only need to prepare 2 limes and then slice the limes into several parts.

Next, just squeeze the orange and take the water and mix it into a glass that has been filled with warm water. Once mixed, add 2 teaspoons of baking soda to the orange juice solution in the glass. Stir until all ingredients are combined, then pour into the spray.

Next, spray the water mixture into the dirt attached to the cage. Such as in perches, cages, bars, and places to drink feed. Once done, wait for the potion to work. Finally, just rinse the cage with clean water and hang it in the sun to dry.

3. Clean the Feed and Drink Place

Usually the food and drink containers in the bird cage are often moldy. This is because the water is often splashed and also mixed with bird droppings. To clean it is very easy, just use a sponge and dish soap.

If it has been cleaned using a sponge and dish soap, then rinse using warm water or it could be with hot water. If it's clean, just dry the feed and drink it under the hot sun, but don't take too long, just a little bit.

4. Make the Cage Clean and Fungus Free

If you have a bird cage made of wood, of course it will easily get moldy and white spots will appear. To get rid of it, you can use natural ingredients such as hazelnut seeds.

How to use it is very easy. Just burn the hazelnut seeds until the oil comes out. Then the results of burning the candlenut seeds are put into a cloth that can absorb water. Then wipe on the surface of the wooden cage until smooth.

You can also use another method, namely by pounding the hazelnut seeds until smooth. Then wrapped in cloth, t-shirt or gauze. Next seen or rubbed on the surface of the wooden cage affected by the fungus.