Tips for Making Delicious and Chewy Wedang Ronde

Enjoying the freshness of wedang ronde in a season like this is certainly the right moment.

The spicy and spicy taste of ginger chili sauce is very suitable to be consumed when it rains because it can warm the body.

The filling is round solid, chewy, soft, and filling, plus the sweet taste, ready to shake the tongue.

Can you imagine how delicious it is, can't wait to make your own round wedang at home, agree? But first, let's look at the tips for making delicious, soft, and chewy wedang ronde.

Flour Usage:

Make sure you choose a quality glutinous rice flour so that it can produce a round dough that is smooth and chewy.

Choose Bola Deli glutinous rice flour which has fine granulation so that the dough is easy to shape and knead until smooth.

Use Warm Water:

Don't forget to add warm water to the glutinous rice flour mixture.

This is to make the dough more flexible and easy to shape. Avoid using cold water as it will make the dough tough.

Dough Moisture:

When the dough starts to dry, you can simply wet your hands with water to wet the dough.

Do not pour water directly into the dough or it will become too soft.

Round Fill:

One trick to keep the dough from breaking easily is to make sure the round filling is really solid and doesn't have holes.

Boiling time

After finishing forming the dough, it's good to immediately boil it. Because if left too long, the dough and its round texture will harden.

Storage :

A good way to store the spheres after boiling is to put them directly into the sugar water so that the spheres remain durable and long lasting.

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