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How to make wajik typical of Central Java

Wajik cake is one of the culinary specialties of Indonesia, precisely in Central Java. This diamond cake is made from glutinous rice.

Diamonds have a distinctive taste and texture, which is sweet and sticky. This one food we often encounter when there is a celebration, the people of Central Java often make this ketupat cake for certain events.

The ingredients are simple, but the manufacturing process takes a long time. We must continue to knead until the dough becomes curd and perfect.

although it takes a long time, diamonds will really spoil our mood.

Sometimes there are ketupat mixed with grated coconut too but this time I will make it without using grated coconut.

Already curious about the sweet taste of diamond cake??? just look at the ingredients and how to make it.


Wash the glutinous rice, then soak for 4-5 hours. Heat the steaming water until it boils, once it boils add all the soaked glutinous rice, steam for 15 minutes/half cooked. Remove the rice, put it in a container, give warm water, stir well, then steam again for 25 minutes until cooked, when it is cooked turn off the stove and set aside.


Cook brown sugar, coconut milk, and pandan leaves with a little salt. Keep stirring until the brown sugar dissolves and the coconut milk doesn't break. Remove and strain the brown sugar, then reheat the brown sugar liquid until it boils and thickens while stirring.

Put all the sticky rice into the liquid and cook until the water shrinks and dries up while stirring well. After the sticky rice thickens and dries, remove and transfer to a baking sheet that has been lined with plastic, flatten/compress. Let it cool, after it cools cut the ketupat according to taste.