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How to clean the fish pond in your garden

The existence of a fish pond not only makes the garden look more beautiful and cool, but it can also be a habitat for various living creatures.

However, without regular maintenance, pools can easily look dirty due to moss and cloudy water. Conditions like this are also not good for the health of fish in the pond because moss has the potential to reduce the availability of oxygen. This article will share how to clean fish ponds in general, which will also answer the question of how to clean moss in fish ponds.

In addition to cleaning the pool, the filter must also be washed and replaced if necessary because a dirty filter will make the water cloudy quickly.

How to clean a fish pond

Here's a general guide on how to clean a fish pond that you can follow. This general guide can also be applied to how to clean a koi pond.

Prepare a temporary storage container. Before starting to clean, provide a container to serve as a temporary shelter for fish. Make sure the container is big enough, then fill it with water from the fish pond.

Drain pool. Empty the contents of the pool before cleaning. There are several ways to drain a pond. If the size of the pool is not too big, you can use a bucket. If the pool is large enough, use a water hose to suck the water out of the pool. After about a quarter of the water remains, it's time to transfer the fish to a temporary container.

Move the fish. Transfer the fish to a temporary storage container. Use a fishing net to prevent the fish from falling, then carefully remove them into the container.

Moving aquatic plants. If your fish pond is also filled with aquatic plants, move it to a temporary storage container.

Remove accumulated dirt. Once drained, it's time to clean the bottom of the pool. If there is dirt such as mud, you can use a shovel to scoop it out. Use a brush to clean the bottom and walls of the pool by scrubbing it. Scrubbing with a brush is also effective as a way of removing moss in fish ponds.

Restoring fish and aquatic plants. After the pool is clean, refill it with water. Continue by moving the fish and aquatic plants, along with all the water in the temporary storage container, into the pond.

How to clean a koi fish pond is quite tiring and time consuming. Save time and effort by following some helpful tips to prevent your fish pond from getting mossy and dirty quickly.