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How to Clean the Correct Koi Fish Pond

Cleaning a koi fish pond is one of the basic forms of maintenance that you must do regularly. By always ensuring that the condition of the pond is always kept clean, then we can guarantee the health and growth of the koi fish that live in it.

Actually, it's the same as cleaning an ornamental fish aquarium, try to clean this koi pond at least once a month. The goal is none other than that the condition of the pond is always ideal as a place to live for your pet koi fish.

Koi fish are freshwater ornamental fish that have a very attractive charm. This fish has a body with a very beautiful color. The movement is also very beautiful. Sometimes koi fish will swim gracefully in the pond.

But when we approach it, this fish will immediately become very active and very agile as if feeling happy with our presence. Therefore, the presence of koi fish that live in this pond can be a separate entertainment for you when you are at home. You feel entertained with this koi fish.

If you want your koi fish to always be in good health, then you must be willing to take good care of them. Including taking care of the pool as a place to live is absolutely done. You can use the guide below as a basic guide in cleaning a koi pond.

Step 1. Move the Koi Fish to a Safe Place

First of all, start by catching koi fish and then move them to a safe place first. For example in special ponds, aquariums, containers, or even plastic buckets. You need to pay close attention here, the water in the reservoir must be taken directly from the water in the pool, right?

Do not use fresh water. Why? This serves so that the koi fish do not need to carry out the adaptation process first to the environment in the bucket. So that the fish will still feel comfortable.

Step 2. Remove Accessories and Aquatic Plants

After you move all the koi fish to a safer place, then please bring all the accessories and aquatic plants in the pond. Included here is the aerator system, stones, and other additional accessories.

Clean these accessories first before you proceed to the next step. So you have enough time to dry it in the sun. As we know, sunlight is very effective in killing all germs and bacteria that stick to the surface of swimming pool accessories.

Step 3. Drain the Water in the Pool

After the condition of the pool is completely empty, then you can drain the water completely from the pool. The work steps in the third stage are of course very easy for you to do. Especially if the koi pond you make is equipped with smooth drainage.

You just need to remove the drain cover in the fish pond. Then automatically all the water in the pool will go directly to this channel. Don't forget, in addition to the water in the main pool, you also need to drain the water in the filter pool.