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My new album DEEP BLACK is now available! Simply post $12 USD to the DONATE button above & as soon as I get the email, I will send you a download link which you can easily download directly to your desktop (which I recommend) It includes CD quality WAV files, Liner Notes, a Lyric Book with every song on the record, & I've included the album cover artwork as well. Thanks for the support!

Or you can buy my brand new album BEST OF GEOFF BYRD by simply posting $20 USD to the DONATE Button above. You will get every song loaded on the music player at the top of this page above. This includes ALL songs on my new record "Deep Black" plus 16 of my best songs over the years. Also, I have recently posted the lyrics to all 25 songs (in order) on my LYRICS page for you. 

If you'd like to make a one time donation of ANY amount OR make a monthly donation, all funds will help me continue my life's work! I appreciate you more than you know. Really, thank you. Any donation $12 or more and I will send a download link for "Deep Black." Donate $20 or more, I will send you the "Best Of Geoff Byrd" album. Much love & deep respect. Sending good vibes, literally.